My name is Ceola. I’m a lot of things, in no particular order…senior content coordinator (official job title), blogger, social media manager, occasional style editor, fashion/lifestyle writer, lover of lowercase, parentheses and ellipsis, communications professional, internet junkie, style disciple, occasional dabbler in the realm of event management and an enormous mess when you get past those neatly packaged labels.

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  1. Seems like we’re twins! It’s when people as me what I do and I say…a strategist. They’re like…eh? Keep up the good work! #idore #ttchatterbox

  2. I once knew Andre Belix, he was a great fashion designer we worked together on a few items.

    • Hi Mario. Andre was my uncle. Unfortunately he passed away the year I was born. I always say my life would have been very different had he lived. Thanks for reaching out 🙂

  3. I knew you would have been related to him. I knew he had passed away too…he made very nice clothes

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