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  • #ShopLocal // Christmas Gift Guide

    Hide yo wallets! Hide yo ATM cards! The recession is here y’all and so is Christmas!!! I’ve always seen Christmas time as my own personal recession anyway…since it’s the time of year I spend with reckless abandon…both on my loved ones and myself. Anyhoo! In my humble, completely unprofessional opinion, there’s no better way to…

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  • Treasure Hunting // Akimbo

    East people…our time has come! Finally there’s a shopping resource in the east for people who want to put their money where their mouth is and buy locally (and regionally) made clothing, accessories and beauty products. Akimbo, located on Pro Queen Street, Arima (obliquely opposite the tennis courts near the Arima market) is a newly…

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  • Mini-Haul // The Shop

    Mini-Haul // The Shop

    I popped into The Shop at The Normandie Hotel on Friday evening with every intention of grabbing my mom a Mother’s Day gift. I left with a bag full of stuff…none of which were for my mom. Usual behaviour. The Shop has really expanded its stock of local vendors considerably since it first opened. It’s…

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  • Pencil This In // Christmas Pop Ups

    Pencil This In // Christmas Pop Ups

    There has been NO shortage of shopping opportunities over the last month and a half. Since Bits and Pieces kicked things off in November, every time you turn, there has been a pop up sale or market. I’m not complaining, of course. Christmas markets are, for me, where all of this began. My first trip…

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  • My Christmas Wishlist 2014

    My Christmas Wishlist 2014

    Hulllooooooo folks! My FAVOURITE time of year is upon us! I’m a huge Christmas nerd (nevermind my Christmas tree isn’t up yet) and to me there’s no greater joy than being able to give thoughtful, meaningful, beautiful gifts to my best friends and family. This is a smidge late for me but I decided to…

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  • Pencil This In // Racked 2.0

    Pencil This In // Racked 2.0

    Racks on racks…on racks…of clothes. That’s the forecast for this weekend with the highly anticipated Racked 2.0 touching down this Sunday at The Verandah on Rust Street, St Clair. You know the drill (or do you? hmm) – show up early…because I can guarantee everything you love will be sold out in the blink of…

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  • #RepYourHoodie


    A quick word to say I love you guys. Aaaaaaand, my girl Mel over at Trinidad Lookbook is hosting a pretty sweet #RepYoHoodie crowd funded custom apparel campaign over on Basically….show your hood some love with a comfy hoodie that let’s everybody know where your roots are buried. Mine? Deep in the earth of Arima forever.…

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  • Out & About // Cafe Mariposa

    Out & About // Cafe Mariposa

    Payol runs through my blood so I was more than excited to see Cafe Mariposa, a restaurant in the Lopinot Valley featured on this year’s TT Restaurant Week schedule. Like many kids, I spent a lot of time in Lopinot during my childhood. I have very distinct memories of eating multi-coloured cheese paste sandwiches and catching…

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  • Port of Spain Style by Maya Cozier

    A while back I was asked, rather spontaneously, to be interviewed for a short film that Maya Cozier was shooting during her summer break from school. Of course I obliged, and yesterday, Maya posted the finished product for all to see. Kudos to Maya for great production quality, fab story-telling and a cast of super…

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  • Treasure Hunting // The Shop

    Treasure Hunting // The Shop

    Simply but aptly named, The Shop occupies two units at The Normandie Hotel’s quaint Market Place, which already houses gems such as the Paper Based Bookshop and Gillian Bishop’s fine jewellery store. Conceptualised as a space for local small businesses, artists, designers, and pretty much anyone with a creative passion to be able to showcase…

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