Shoe-gasm Vol I

My shoe of the week is the Steve Madden Grettta

First came across this shoe on Lookbook and while at first it said nothing to me, it eventually began to grow on my sensibilities. Chunky heels have been in season for a little while now and they’re way more comfortable and easy to walk in than most of the sky-high stilettos that women seem to gravitate towards in the Caribbean. This may be the one time I advocate chunkiness.

The shoes come in black, chestnut, purple and taupe. I would have asked for a pair but they don’t have my size in black. Maybe I’ll ask for the chestnut instead…hmmm.

Grettta is on Sale now for US$69.98 at the Steve Madden site that I linked to above the photo but if that’s still too pricey for your liking I found a pretty decent dupe on Go Jane.

Looks almost identical and it’s only US$26.40. Obviously it won’t be the same quality but hey, once you don’t go cross-training in them you should be fine to skimp a bit on price.

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