All The Pretty … Camera Bags

With the proliferation of street fashion blogs like FaceHunter and The Sartorialist, it’s no surprise that everyone (myself included) feels a burning desire to jump on the photo blog bandwagon.
Street fashion in Trinidad is nothing remarkable, so I’m not sure exactly how much material I’d end up with in the end, but I have a much bigger problem with roving day to day photography…and it’s one that has plagued me through most of my teen and adult life : how the f*ck do I carry my big ass Canon SLR around with me every day without looking like a tourist?
Now don’t get me wrong…I am handbag banton to the tenth power, and BIG handbag banton at that. I am notorious for illogcally large bags, and, naturally, having everything one could possibly need in them: Flashlight? Check. First Aid Kit? Check. Manicure set? Check. Family of four? Check. Camera? No check! Why? Because even I, through my large handbag-hued haze can tell that if I throw a camera in there too, my back will be shot to hell and I’ll be spending a fortune on deep tissue Swedish massages sooner than I should be. Also, there’s always the horrifying prospect of scratching my camera lens, if the lens cap were to become dislodged. So no…the one thing my bag is lacking is a SLR
Anyway, so the problem presents itself…how do I manage to get featured on The Sartorialist’s “All The Pretty Photographers” Series?
Well a swanky camera bag would do the trick I think. Something I could carry solo or in addition to my gargantuan bags. Ideally it would have a separate pocket for my essentials like cash/cards/phone/keys so I could choose to leave the collossus home if I knew I was going out to shoot.
Here are some really stylish and pretty designer camera bags I dug up from the depths (not really) of the interweb. Naturally I can’t afford any of them, but who cares? I don’t…

Mulberry Carter Suede Shoulder Bag

Chloe Madeline Leather and Suede Camera Bag

Alexander Wang Brenda Leopard Print Leather Camera Bag

Chanel Camera Bag

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Camera Bag

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  1. Umm. Chanel camera bag all the way! haha I think you should add that to your Christmas wishlist! You just might get it! I carry around my digital camera with me wherever I go. You could try that option too!!

  2. My fave is the Wang. My problem is that I don't have a very good compact digital camera. I have a shitty Nikon that I've basically given to one of my friends because it's so terrible. Maybe I'll save up and get a better one after I recover financially from buying my Macbook.

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