New Years Resolutions

1) I will be more dedicated to this blog…I’ve been slacking and I really need to step it up if I want to do this seriously…and actually show it to people lol.

2) I will spend less money on cheap mass marketed clothing and focus on collecting high-end designer items over a longer period of time.

3) I will support more local designers and try to buy clothing and jewellery locally when I can in lieu of foreign stores.

4) I will start styling and writing for fashion publications this year.

And my last resolution is on more of a personal note:

4)  I will be a warrior this year. I will not be afraid of the unknown. I will be brave and be strong and face all my apprehension with a calm and calculated, but daring approach. I am not happy with my job, I will face the prospect of venturing into the field I love and try my best to make it work, even if it means less pay for longer hours. In the end the only thing I should fear is an unfulfilled life. As it stands now, if I died tomorrow, I’d have some regrets. I want those regrets to be fewer and farther between by this time next year. I will work to make myself happy no matter what life throws at me and I will not be unrealistic about the sacrifices I have to make to achieve that.

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  1. Fantastic resolutions. I know sharing them with the world makes it more likely for you to keep them. Go after your dreams have what it takes to do whatever you want! You and Sandi should so do a music/lifestyle/fashion blog..and maybe I could throw in some cultural commentary from an outside perspective? haha..Cheers to 2012..and heels that are higher than some men's…well, you know. haha.

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