Highs and Lows…

I love shoes

I can’t even pander about with words to lessen or intensify the truth of that statement. I won’t talk myself in circles. I love shoes. I love handbags and purses more but I love shoes.
As some persons who read this blog might have noticed, most of my Christmas Wishlist was comprised mostly of shoes. When I got the telling shoe box-shaped gifts from my little brother and boyfriend’s parents my own parents looked at me in shock “Ceola! Not more shoes! Where will you put them?!”
“I’ll find somewhere. I have room.” was my reply. But I lied…I really don’t have anywhere to put these shoes. I’m in the process of discarding older, less-loved ones to make room for my brand new Cadellee heels from Steve Madden, my leopard block heels and my faux snakeskin moccasins. I like to think that I order my shoes based on frequency of wear but that would be another bold-faced lie; I organise them based on which ones I like to look at the most and which I think, were someone to walk into my room, would make them stop and go “WTFOMGILOVETHOSESHOES”.
Yes…my mind works in a simple way sometimes.
That explains why my coveted pair of ASOS Terror Wedges, whose soles have never touched the ground outside of my bedroom, occupy the illustrious spot of the top right hand corner of my shoe rack.

ASOS Terror Wedges (the real terror being the non-existent width of that heel)

But back to the real reason I wanted to write this post: heels versus flats. You’re probably wondering how the hell I arrived at that after the ramble above, but, well…my mind works in not so simple ways sometimes too.
These days I’ve found myself more and more attracted to flats…more specifically, loafers and moccasins. There is just something about the comfort and casual ease of flats that draw me in as of late; perhaps my own aesthetic is changing to something more easy and breezy and as a result, the effort required to pull off a heel or wedge is just not coinciding with that. Granted I own some comfortable wedges…and heels too come to think of it (Zara wins for that). 
I don’t know…flats make it seem like you’re not trying too hard but you can still exude style and keen fashion sense based on your choice of flats. Brogues and oxfords for example…how freakin swanky are those? It’s like you’re English or summat! I have a pair of white cut out oxfords from Steven by Steve Madden that I live and die for…such a cool, easy shoe to wear.
Living in the Caribbean I suppose the norm is to veer towards the expected…you’re either going to find slippers or sandals during the day and stilettos at night, it’s a given. People don’t really experiment much with shoes around these parts from what I’ve noticed. My experience has always been that I am told I like “weird shoes” and yet, when I buy said shoes and wear them, everyone and their uncle loves them and ask me where I get them. Yes, I tell you where I get them and you probably still won’t buy them…
Maybe it’s a confidence to deviate from the standard that has me in this weird shoe-place right now. It’s hard though, I feel like I’m cheating on my favourite wedges with my new moccasins. I’ve made the proclamation several times that I am only buying flats from now on…yeah…that hasn’t worked out.
So my new shoes find their spot on my shoe rack and I watch and wait…will I wear them? Will I find somewhere to wear them? Or will I return to the now familiar ease of a slip on moccasin…?

It just occurred to me that I’ve written an entire blog post about shoes…not too sure how I feel about that…
Look! Pictures!

My next shoe delivery should be my burlap TOMS which my friend Zindzi once described as ‘granola ass white girl burlap TOMS’. Lol. So hipster it makes me retch, but good Lord I love them.

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