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It’s finally here…the much anticipated first print issue from one of the bastions of style and fashion in Trinidad & Tobago: Trinidad Lookbook

Needless to say, it exceeds expectations. Abovegroup Ogilvy gave this publication a sophisticated and yet charming feel…
I absolutely LOVE the writing and photography in ’10 with Anya’, a revealing and intimate sit-down with the formidable spirit that is Anya Ayoung-Chee, Trinidad’s fashion warrior.

Wendell Manwarren, Catherine Emmanuel and Christiane Steel are incredibly convincing in Laura Ferreira’s capture of a love triangle come to light. You believe the descent into despair and madness evoked by Catherine and the cool aloofness of Manwarren, who seems to defend his innocence to the end – a vicious and emotional screaming match between the two main protagonists.

Another of my favourite pieces is the Fashion Diary of Ayana Riviere…I loved dissecting her looks and I covet those green tassel loafers in the last photo on the right. The Look with Krista Clarke is just as intriguing and the fact alone that this woman has access to pieces of costumes as accessories…well that’s just not fair! I liked the simple but interesting compositions, rafia clutch in the fridge below a shelf of nailpolish and juice, shoes interspersed between the Harry Potter series and French textbooks.

As usual, the consumate cover girl, Wendy Fitzwilliam never fails to intrigue in a piece written by Zindzi Morris-Alleyne. I remember the night Zindzi finished this interview and bbm-ed me to tell me how disarming she found the former beauty queen. In my opinion, Wendy is the personification of an ‘it-girl’…’it-woman’ if those exist? I echo Zindzi’s question about who exactly Wendy means when she says ‘people like me’. Who is like Wendy? I think there could only be one and all of the strong, independent, proud, ambitious females can only hope to one day stake their claim to a namesake like hers.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on the Fashion Emergency editorial with Zindzi as an assistant stylist. We spent all day in the blazing hot sun with very little reprieve from the heat in Macqueripe, shuttling our model Christie back and forth between the set and the makeshift changing room between two cars in the parking lot. Needless to say I learned A LOT in a very short space of time. It became clear to me that styling is something I want to pursue more seriously this year, and that would require paying close attention to the collections released by local designers and the clothing and accessories available in the less mainstream boutiques.

Check out an interview Tribal Caribbean did with Editor in Chief, Mel Gabriel about Trinidad Lookbook becoming your new luxury collectible item…

Tribal + Trinidad Lookbook

Trinidad Lookbook Issue 1 is available now at Meiling, The Pallet Stick, Bang Bang, Indulge and Runway Street.

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  1. First of all, congratulations on being a part of the inaugural print edition of T'dad Lookbook! As you said, this is exactly what you needed to convince yourself that you need to take a career (or at least part-time career) in fashion and styling more seriously! I've only been here for a short time, but I can sense that the market is ripe for people like you to do truly incredible things. I imagine that you could make a name for yourself quite easily in the industry..and it's obvious you know what you're doing!In terms of the publication, I share your sentiments exactly. It is the first local publication that I've read and ENJOYED immensely.. The features were well written, interesting, and insightful..even for people who aren't necessarily into fashion. The photography was on point as was the styling!! I really enjoyed reading it and will be writing a review on my blog Monday..hopefully. I also agree with you that the quality of the paper may have diluted the images a bit,,so that this should be addressed in the second edition.

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