My Top 10 Travel Essentials

My friend and super travel bug Malou over at Skip to Malou recently posted her Top 10 Travel Essentials and I thought it might be fun to do my own. I mean some things are standard Travel essentials: cameras, ipods, etc but there are some things I literally do not board a plane without, especially on those trans-Atlantic flights I used to take between home and University in the UK. I won’t be making that trek any time in the near future but I still love thinking about travelling, and how I used to prepare for my long haul and EU trips (mostly to Holland). Find my top ten travel necessities below.

1. Travel Necessities: Sleep Mask, Earplugs, Neck Pillow 2. Travel Adapter – indispensable for travelling through Europe 3. Comfortable attire: Leggings or Jeggings & Cardigan 4. My usual choice of travel bag is the spacious Cole Haan Denney 5. Kindle to cut down on the bulk of books 6. Magazines – nothing distracts from turbulence like fashion on glossy paper 7. Blackberry Torch – must remember to turn my roaming on 8. Camera: depending on my destination either my Canon Rebel XTi or my more compact Canon Powershot 9. iTouch – for the occasional music and ‘Guess the Flag’ game 10. Comfortable shoes that are easy to slip off and on – flats or TOMS

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  1. If you're anything like me, you plan out your packing list so much that it takes up an entire page,,or excel spreadsheet! Just got my Kindle fire,,and I'm absolutely in love with it..!! should probably look into the eye masks,,I can never sleep on planes..nerves! Great list, and love the Cole Haan bag!

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