Koko Karibi

Heading to Meiling’s 24 Hours Fashion Show
Black button up from H&M, Doris & Doris Pants, Koko Karibi Choker, Beids by Chuff earrings, Zara Pumps

Heading to UpMarket, Rob being silly behind me
F21 Maxi Dress, Koko Karibi Choker, Beids by Chuff earrings, Asos ring, Anne Klein watch, purse from Bang Bang

As you can probably tell (because you’re observant like that), this Koko Karibi Choker is my truth…I’ve been wearing it every opportunity I get. It’s intricate without being overwhelming and detailed enough to be interesting.
I have also been rocking these smaller ‘Tumbleweed’ earrings from Koko Karibi. They’re small enough for work but unusual enough for me to not feel like I’m wearing anything out of my comfort zone (ie, boring). 
So check out the Facebook page. She recently launched a new collection called Landscapes, which I am yet to see, but I’m sure it’s just as gorgeous as all her other work. Koko Karibi is also usually featured at the Monthly Arts Market in Belmont. Hit me up for details. 

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