UpMarket June

UpMarket is fast becoming a monthly must-happen for me….just like other things in my life like waxing, parking fees (I lie, the streets of POS are my parking lot) and the crimson flower (ha, so many corny euphemisms for that menstrual shiz). Except it’s not nearly as horrible as any of those other events I just mentioned.
UpMarket is a breath of fresh air for me, amidst all the .com shopping and the busy, smelly streets of Port of Spain (I don’t shop in West Mall…everything there is dull and overpriced, and all other malls are too inaccessible to me on the weekend). 
Housed in the Woodbrook Youth Facility on O’Connor St. on roughly the first weekend of every month, it’s a utopia for anyone seeking a different kind of shopping. I’ve been to two to date and both times it’s been a total sell out. The demographic to which it caters is diverse and holistic – from children to young adults to the middle aged to the elderly (of course the kids are being dragged along by the middle aged, but they don’t seem to mind – there’s ice-cream for heaven’s sake!) 
Fresh flowers, gourmet pepper sauce and chutneys, natural cosmetics and toiletries, cupcakes and home-made ice creams in all kinds of non-traditional flavours, jewellery (which of course we all know is my main reason for going there) both local, original creations, and your standard mass-produced jewellery that’s being re-sold. There’s also clothing but less so; the real attraction for me is the food, and the jewellery.

Designs by Nadia at UpMarket
My Roma St. Prix acquisition

In tandem with Designs by Nadia, which is a St. Lucia-based designer who came down especially to sell at UpMarket, there was a lady by the name of Roma St. Prix selling these beautiful hand-painted white cotton shirts. I fell in love with them, because they were exactly the kind of easy breezy aesthetic that island-fashion is inextricably linked to. I’m all for a little cliche every now and then, so I bought one for my mom, and then I decided to get myself one as well. A little pricier than something I would normally buy but I didn’t mind because it’s ‘local’ (I consider up-the-island artisans local too, CSME nugga!)
I can’t remember the exact name of the label…Soleil something…will edit when I get back home and can check the tag.

BetchBum at UpMarket

One designer to note is there every month. Denise Hendrie’s macrame jewellery is statement jewellery. I first encountered her at Chez Nous in December and since then I’ve only been able to find her at UpMarket. Seems like she works mostly with hemp and raffia and most if not all of the beads you see intertwined throughout her pieces are hand-made as well. 

Denise Hendrie at UpMarket
My Denise Hendrie acquisition

I also had a serious addiction to Cuptails Cookies & Cream cupcakes, so much so that I actually went back later in the day to get more. The Sangria cupcake was also a thing to behold. I love the idea and I like the fact that it actually tastes good, even though you would think a vodka cupcake might be a little…hmmm….questionable. It isn’t. It’s G*d-damn delicious. 

My second box of Cuptails, all Cookies & Cream 

So therein lies my visit to UpMarket. They are also having an event in South on July 21st at a location called the Oasis. Follow UpMarket on Facebook for more information. 

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