July [Excitement]

There are a lot of events happening in July.

I’ve often had persons ask me after the fact, how I hear about the events I go to. Truthfully I just follow a boat load of people on Facebook and I get kept in the loop that way. A lot of these events happen every month, some are less consistent than others, but here’s a roster for the month of July (so far) in any case, for those of you wanting to pencil them into your calendars:


June 30th

I know this isn’t exactly in July but let’s not be technical. Found out about this two days ago and I think it’s a great idea. SimpliCity is one of my favourite spots for shopping but a lot of times I just can’t get there before closing time. A few of the merchants taking part are Nikki V K’s Accessories, William Duds, Runway Street, Amillie Couture, Loud by Afiya and Kraze Collection.

Sorry, couldn’t pull a good image for this, so you shall have to settle for my dull words on white background for now.


Monthly Arts Market

July 1st 

Jacqueline Charles (owner and designer of Koko Karibi) hosts this great Arts Market in Belmont. Cannot wait to go check out her latest collection, Landscapes


July 7th

This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve mentioned UpMarket on this blog. It’s back again, for those of you who wanted to know when next it would be happening.

There’s also one in the Southland on the 21st of July. Will post more on that as it comes. All I know is that it’s taking place at a location called the Oasis.

Alternative Market  

July 8th

Great market at Bohemia on Murray Street. This particular edition is asking for a donation of canned goods to the Hope Haven Orphanage in San Fernando. This is one major example of the benefits of shopping locally for jewellery, clothing and craft.

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