Photo Diary

Gosh it’s been a long long time…

So sorry for the lapse in posts…ironically I failed to post anything at all while I’ve had all the time in the world while on vacation.

It was a combination I suppose of sheer laziness, lack of an August UpMarket (due to the catastrophic flooding in the West last month), general dip in the amount of purchasing I’ve been doing lately and whatever other excuses I can dig up.

I’ve put together a sort of synopsis by photo for you guys, just getting you all up to speed on my latest escapades. Thankfully UpMarket happened last weekend so I was able to do some purchasing for your viewing pleasure.

• When Ombre goes very very wrong •

• Cat Eye Sunglasses at the beach •

• Wearing Aztec & Tribal to Zen’s Re-opening •

• My best friend Sandi & I at Rumland •

• Birthday Cupcakes for my Boo •

•Playsuit for Le Brunch •

• Like a Sir with Le Boo •

• Maasai necklace bought at UpMarket •

• Denise Hendrie Earrings from UpMarket •
In other exciting news, I’ve had two job interviews to date at two incredible agencies. Waiting to hear back but I feel optimistic. Wish me luck!
I promise to try to post more often from now on…sorry I fell off the wagon for a bit 🙂

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