Vintage Treasures

My boyfriend’s mom has the most amazing jewellery collection. Not talking diamonds and pearls here people, mostly cosmetic jewellery but some really stunning statement pieces that probably date back to her early 20s. On the rare occasion I go to his parents’ room I’m usually standing at her dressing table, totally transfixed. One piece in particular, buried beneath rings and bangles and other baubles always catches my eye, and more often than not, I put it on and stare at it for a while, imagining all the ensembles I’d pair it with. I go full Smeagol on this necklace.

It made me start thinking about the vintage market here in T&T and what kind of resources we could unearth if older persons actually started to sell their vintage clothing, accessories and shoes. I think Trinidad is a culture not yet open to the idea of purchasing used clothing and accessories. We see it as ‘old ting’ and I have to admit, even I would be a little reluctant to go to a vintage market in T&T because I’m not sure sellers grasp the quality and condition vintage items should be in to be considered salable.

I suppose until we get to that point, explore whether your mom, aunts, grandmothers even, may have some beautiful jewellery or clothing lying about that they probably won’t use anymore. Maybe there’s something you can have modified to fit you, or something you can resuscitate with some DIY love.

My mission from now til my birthday is to find a way to make this necklace mine 🙂 Wish me luck!

And until word of my success reaches this blog, I’d love to see any vintage or retro finds of your own.

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