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Birthday Wishlist

I’ve been told I’m tough to shop for. That could have something to do with the fact that I LOVE a lot of things, but don’t like very many. Unless you have a very keen sense of what it is I love, it’s probably tough to figure out what to get me for those prescribed gift-giving occasions. I’ve since found a way to remedy this predicament for others by producing something of a wishlist and sharing it round! Granted I never really demand that people buy what’s on there…I do it in the spirit of hope and under the pretense that this wishlist isn’t really for ME, it’s for YOU dear shopper. Ha! No one ever buys that.

Anyway…there are a few items that I’ve been lusting after for the last few months, one I actually need and the rest is just sheer indulgence. Please note that my birthday isn’t for another month…so I’ve gotten quite a jump on proceedings.

First up: wallets. Now I actually do need a new wallet, as I indicated in my What’s In My Bag post. I’m torn between (or just want both) two wallets: the more practical Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet in Embossed Snake print. Full works: 8 card slots, zippered pocket, currency pocket, etc. and the less practical but more versatile Michael Kors iPhone Zip Wallet in Tangerine. Only 3 card slots (hence less practicality points) about 3 interior compartments, one of which is designated for your iPhone. I like the idea of a grab and go wallet designed specifically for the iPhone. It’s roomier than a wristlet and the Tangerine colour will mismatch perfectly with any outfit I’m wearing since all I wear is more or less black, neutrals and leopard print. So that’s a pickle…but a good pickle to have because I’d be happy either way.

MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone Leather Zip Wallet in Tangerine
MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Jet Set’ Snake Embossed Continental Wallet

True to form though, I’ve managed to select an iPhone wallet that is on backorder on the MK website with no date available for the next shipment…sooooo…I guess this is a suitable alternative (even though I really prefer the zip around feature). I guess I can wait a bit and buy it for myself later on when it becomes available again.

Moving on. My next wishlist item is of course a handbag I don’t need…because what wishlist would be complete without it? Not one of mine, let me tell you that. Michael Kors seems to be pretty much the only designer I’m seeking these days and I think that has more to do with his personality (and classic silhouettes/amazing colours) than anything else. Presenting the Michael Kors Jet Set Macbook Travel Tote.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Macbook Travel Tote

I’m a bag lady and big bags are kind of my thing. Part of me wonders if this bag is big enough but I suppose if it can hold a Macbook I might be ok. Maybe. I like the idea of zippered compartments inside rather than the hold-all that is the regular travel edition of this bag. Nothing is stopping one from utilizing the inside compartments for something other than a Macbook/iPad etc so you get that element of organization that’s missing from the hold-all version. For someone who carries around a lot of crap in their bags, that organization is invaluable. Obsessed.

On to the next and final Michael Kors item. The ubiquitous but gorgeous Rose Gold Chronograph watch. Is there any person with any semblance of a fashion consciousness that doesn’t want this watch or one of the many iterations of this watch? *silence because this is a blog and people cannot be heard through a blog* Yeah that’s what I thought.

Michael Kors Rose Golden Midsized Chronograph Watch

Behold! I opt for a mid-sized rather than oversized because I have tiny bird-like wrists, assuming birds have wrists which I’m sure they do. So assuming mid-sized is about 38mm rather than the 45mm that is oversized that works out just fine for me. I’ll still have the illusion of a larger-than-it-should-be watch because I have a skinny wrist. Other than the colour and the size though..meh…it’s a watch. I’m not a watch fiend so the extra little gadgets don’t do anything for me.

And my last two items are the only non-Michael Kors items on the list, but that doesn’t make me want them any less (not, true, don’t really desperately want the shoe but I feel obligated to throw a shoe in there for good measure).

The NEIVZ ffuuucckkk Necklace. Been stalking NEIVZ since I saw Anya Ayoung-Chee wearing the ccccuuuttteee version of this necklace some time ago. Then I discovered they had a more R-rated version and was like ‘Oh yeah, I definitely want that swear word on my chest like the lady that I am’. Maybe I’m trying to be ironic, but either way that’s definitely what I will tell people when they ask me why I have a curse word on a necklace and my name is not Rihanna.

NEIVZ ffuuuuccckk (gold) Necklace

And last and probably least the Steve Madden Grettta shoe. On sale. It has been for the longest while. But that’s ok…I’ve never been one to turn a blind eye to a sale.

Steve Madden Grettta in Blush Suede

What a shock, it’s a chunky platform and a neutral colour, I must want it right? Yeah. Exactly.

So therein concludes my Birthday Wishlist 2013. Woohoo! Hope it’s been remotely interesting and maybe given you some ideas for your next birthday requests. If there’s anyone reading this who actually thinks

I’m important enough in their lives to get me any of the items mentioned above, well…you’re welcome, I just made your life kind of easy (unless you wanted to get me something cheaper in which case, just give me dinero to spend on clothes :)) If I happen not to get one of the things I REALLY want (the wallet(s) and the bag) I will probably just spring and treat myself. I mean you only turn 21 (25) once right?

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  1. If you know anyone travelling I’ve seen the Michael Kors iPhone wallets in no less than 3 Apple Stores including on 57th Street in Manhattan…I’m just saying.

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