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Fashion Find: Adolfo Dominguez

In the off chance I’m not buying jewellery locally, I’m scouring somewhat exclusive/obscure brands online for unique pieces that I can’t find here. I’ve been looking at Adolfo’s site for about a month now contemplating his jewellery (which is relatively affordable given the prices of his garments) and debating whether I should order online and send to my skybox. Turns out there was no real need since we have an Adolfo Dominguez location here in T&T…a fact I had apparently buried in my subconscious until I was staring at the storefront in West Mall a few weeks ago. I was uncharacteristically late to the party it seems, since most of the jewellery I wanted off the site has been sold out since December (how embarrassing) because they only bring in a few pieces of particular items. But all was not lost on my impromptu shopping expedition; I managed to procure this forest green fringe necklace.


A great piece for pairing with all the tank tops I don’t wear but will obviously have to start wearing now. I’ll have to start frequenting this store in a more timely manner, to save myself from further shopping shame and disappointment.


Editor’s Note: You can also ask the store attendants to see more jewellery if you’re not seeing anything you love right away. She told me sometimes puts away extra pieces that have been out on the shelf for a while.

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