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Mini Haul, Because It’s Christmas // Chejo & Lotus Wares

Maybe I’m using the Christmas thing a bit too much now. There’s only so many ‘presents’ you could actually buy for yourself before the excuse starts to morph into something more along the lines of ‘I’ve started and now I can’t stop’. I’m a runaway train. Clearly.

This isn’t all of the items I’ve acquired through the transfer of money over the last few weeks, but they’re probably the most interesting.

I saw on Instagram that Chejo was going to be at the Mindscape Exhbition being behld at Bohemia Gallery from the 28th of November to the 5th of December. It took my friend Tanya posting a pic of her Chejo purchase (and a necklace I wanted too! Dammit Tanya!!) on Instagram for me to get off my butt and head down to Murray Street to check out the goods.

I ended up getting a vertebrae necklace in black leather and gunmetal. I don’t normally wear a lot of black jewellery, and I certainly don’t wear much silver/gunmetal, but I impulsively bought the necklace anyway, telling myself I could mix metals, and I wear a lot of black..so I’d totally find something to wear it with. To be fair…I’m probably right. Lol.


Thennnnn I remembered a pair of earrings that I saw on Chejo’s Etsy shop a while back that I had really wanted to buy at the time and didn’t because…restraint. Well restraint went out the door, since Kristy happened to have a pair in T&T, just not with her the night I went. So after a few days I managed to get my hands on these babies.


Then yesterday I was having one of the worst days ever…and decided that the only thing that could possibly make me feel better was a Christmas scented candle. Random. I know. I’ve always wanted to visit Lotus Wares, which is this awesome homewares & gourmet food store located in Christina Court in Boissiere. I headed there straight after work to see what nasal delights I could find. The shop itself would probably take a day or two to go through completely…it’s a real treasure trove in there. I wanted to smell every candle and play with every sparkly Christmas ornament I could find, but I desisted and asked for help instead. I got the last Illume Mulled Wine Luxury Scented Candle (I won’t even say how much I spent on a candle…real shame). It smells absolutely divine, and actually did improve my mood somewhat (the power of suggestion folks!).

Also, cool fact about Lotus Wares…they have a website where you can either create a wishlist or place an order for collection (payment can be made when collecting or over the phone).

Another cool fact…Chejo will be at Bohemia Gallery tomorrow and Thursday from 4 – 8pm.

Totally just shared that information so you all can go shop too and make me feel marginally better about all this shopping.

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  1. I really need that necklace in my life right now. Been trying to get one for yearsssssss never lucky to get them. 🙁

    Love your posts 🙂

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