New Year New Phone

Got my iPhone 5S for Christmas 🙂 Golllllld of course, because everyone loves gold. My old 4S has been chugging along for two years now and while it still functions at about 70% efficiency, the battery is shot…and it’s not running as smoothly as I would like, so it was high time for some change. Here’s hoping the 5S’s battery life is better…

My main priority will always be acquiring the proper sheath for my new phone. While I’m not particularly clumsy, I have a very very low tolerance for even the smallest of scratches and dents. So, while in NYC I picked up two cases, one Juicy Couture (because it was animal print) and one Kate Spade. Got them both on sale at Lord & Taylor. These cases normally run for US$35 and up so I don’t think I came away too badly…

Got this Kate Spade case on sale, quite by accident for US$13.
Not usually a fan of Juicy Couture…but I can’t resist an animal print. Especially an animal print on sale for US$21.

Please note…when given the choice between being tacky and being tacky…I will always choose tacky.

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