Beauty Bomb // February Birchbox

I was inspired to look into the beauty subscription service – Birchbox – after watching unboxing videos by one of the YT girls I subscribe to LeighAnnSays. I love samples, and I also love travel-sized anything, so it made perfect sense to me to pay a fixed amount every month to get a grab bag/box of sample-sized goodies for me to obsess over. I chose Birchbox over Ipsy because I’m honestly not that into trying new makeup – I stick to a very simple routine with very simple tools and I’m very happy that way. Birchbox offers a lot more skincare/haircare products, as well as a ‘lifestyle’ bonus which I’ve gathered is usually food of some kind.

So I got my February Birchbox…in March. I’d seen numerous reviews of this box on Reddit’s Beauty Boxes subreddit, and a lot of people complained about their beauty protector oil (you’ll see a pic later) arriving broken in their box. I sincerely hoped the Trans-Atlantic journey didn’t bode poorly for my beauty oil as well.

Edit: I should add here that not all Birchbox subscriptions are the same. While the range of products anyone can receive pulls from the same pool every month, you may end up getting totally different products from me, based on your personal profile which you fill out when signing up.

Anyhoo! So I opened up my box today to reveal! Ta Da! Not a broken bottle of beauty oil!

Some of you asked me about the cost. The box itself was USD$10, so let’s call that about TTD$67 and to clear the box came up to a whopping TTD$102. So $169 in total. Mind you I think I got completely ripped off by the shipping company I used (my workplace’s). They charged TTD$20 just to deliver it to the office, so please bear in mind that the cost to clear for you may be a bit cheaper. I’ve changed the delivery address to my usual Skybox so I’ll see how the cost compares then and update accordingly.

For now it looks like I’m keeping my Birchbox subscription active, because I’ve previewed my March box and I like what I see. Hoping to get more skincare stuff in the future as well.

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