Beauty Bomb // April Birchbox

These Birchboxes are coming hard and fast…I’m not sure I have the stamina to keep up with collecting one every month, so I have a feeling these posts will always be a bit…behind the times.

This Birchbox was ok…a fair bit of meh in my opinion but then…so it go. I was pretty hyped about the food sample – a KIND Healthy Grain Bar in the variant Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt, and am pleased to announce that I actually got to take a picture of it this time. It’s still hanging around in my handbag for a random snack time…healthy stuff you see. As a brand, I quite enjoy KIND…their products are non-GMO and gluten-free (if you’re so inclined) and I think they taste pretty good too. Touch expensive but hey…being healthy costs money.

So I got another Beauty Protector product (it seems like they get a lot of samples from the same companies every month)…a ‘Protect & Detangle’ leave in conditioner, which may be useful given how damaged the ends of my hair are from bleaching. Seems my hair does need some protection from….me. We’ll see if it makes a difference to the ends of my locks. For the record I think the rest of my hair has fared quite well given that the only treatment it gets is a condition and a shampoo from time to time (gross).

In the realm of makeup I got a pretty neat eyeliner – Sumita Color Contrast in the shade ‘Jamun’ which is basically a very deep purple. This stuff is a stage 5 clinger. It REALLY stays on. I swatched it on my hand and really had to scrub it off when I was in the shower. It’s not mechanical so I’ll have to keep sharpening this pencil to get the most out of it…so I don’t know how regularly I’ll use it once the current point wears down. We’ll see. But this was one of the pluses in this month’s Birchbox.

I’m a bit of a nail polish buff so I was pretty excited when I saw that I was getting one polish from the Color Club Gala’s Gems Collection. It was a bit of a superficial excitement though because I’m not sure I’m crazy about any of the shades in this collection. I suppose I could have worked with the Heirloom Pearls or the Gold Struck but I’m definitely not feeling the actual colour I got, which was Aquamarine Azulino. A pretty mouthy name for a relatively unremarkable colour. Maybe I’m biased because I don’t really like polishes with a pearl finish…so there’s that. On the upside, the consistency seems pretty decent and it looks like it applies well. I’ll probably gift this to a co-worker.

The last item I got was a teeny tiny sample of Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream. Big ‘meh’ on this front. The colour…though it says light to medium is a bit too light for my liking. I look pretty pasty when wearing it, even though the packaging says it’s ‘self-adjusting’. Not sure I’ll be using this too much…since absolutely no one wants to look wan. As a total aside, I’ve been using my COOLA sample from last month’s box and really liking it.

Pik-cha time!

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