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I never turn down an opportunity to eat. I think the only reason I’m not massively ripped and toned is because I probably love food more than I love my desire to be ripped and toned, oh and because I’m not lifting nearly enough. Food is the ultimate indulgence for me (an indulgence I don’t get to exercise often, given that my weekday meals tend to consist of vegetables and lean protein) , so when I get an opportunity to treat my palate, I do.

Those opportunities were bountiful two weeks ago, when I was asked to attend the tasting for Aioli‘s brand new tapas menu, set to be launched on May 29th. Aioli, as you may know, is a mediterranean fusion restaurant located at Ellerslie Plaza. Aioli’s food is one of my life’s greatest pleasures so naturally I was more than happy to attend. In addition to their tapas, they were also unveiling a few additions to their cocktail menu.

So I ate A LOT…but the items that I loved the most, and saw second and third rotations on my plate were the Marinated Manchego Cheese – surprisingly more-ish, or maybe not so surprising since I love cheese; the Frito Misto –  because seafood is easily my favourite animal flesh and everything tastes better fried. I only tried the marinara sauce but it was a lovely accompaniment to the salty frito misto. The Spicy Oyster Shooters, which apparently no one at my table wanted to try so their portions all ended up on my plate (not complaining) were hot but not too spicy and the tomato sauce had a sweetness to it that translated well. I also loved the Octopus Ceviche but the spiciness lingered a little too long on my palate for me to try another. I didn’t want to affect the tasting of the other items. That plantain slice though! Fried to perfection, a really lovely contrast both taste- and texture-wise to the octopus.

I don’t eat pork so I couldn’t sample the meatballs or the Jamon Iberico, but I gather from my meat-eating friends that those items were also super delish. I, sadly, did not try any of the new cocktails, but here are a few of the standouts in case you’re curious – Blood Moon Cocktail which is Vodka, Sun Dried Apricots, White Cranberry, Maya Lemon and a Blood Moon Ice Ball. Easily the most popular cocktail for the evening…and the most photogenic. The cocktail that piqued my curiosity the most on the menu though was Aioli’s Colada – a combination of Sweet Potato (!!!), Spiced Rum and Ice Cream. Now I love sweet potato…but in a cocktail? Robert had it and said it was quite good though, so I suppose go brave, intrepid alcohol explorers!


So Aioli’s full tapas menu is available for order now and you can see that and their other menus ::here:

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