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Pencil This In // Racked TT


Nothing makes me happier. Well that’s not true….shopping LOCAL makes me happier than plain old shopping. For whatever reason – and I’m sure I’ve expressed this before – I just don’t get shopper’s remorse when I buy local. Even if I decide I’m not in love with something after the fact, seizing the opportunity to gift it is still a viable option.

Markets have been growing in popularity over the last year or two, with events like UpMarket and San Antonio Green Market hosting packed out installments every month and week respectively. However, markets tend to focus predominantly on the food aspect of our local industry…which is great! I love food, and locally produced food products…even better. But sometimes a girl just wants to be surrounded by clothes and accessories (and of course I’m not referring to a mall).

So I’ve already decided…the disposable part of my pay cheque for the month of June is going to have a very short lifespan. Thanks in large part to this little ditty right here:


Racked TT – no doubt by now you’ve seen the super attractive flyers floating around the interwebs. Hosted by local fashion lovers Emma Forster-Hiscock, Ain Earle and Stephanie Rydle (who’s responsible for all the gorgeous artwork, btw) Racked TT promises to be the local shopping event we’ve all been waiting for with a plethora of local apparel and accessory designers including, but not limited to:

So if that hasn’t piqued your interest…I don’t actually know what will. Walk with your cash or cheque books ladies and gents…no cards will be accepted at the event, unfortunately.

I’ll be there at 11, opening The Verandah, obv. See you then!

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