Bliss 2015 Picks

Plane to catch this morning but I’m up since 1:30 watching Bliss costumes. Priorities people. Sleep is not one of them. And apparently…neither is eating after today. Ha. I keed. Of course I’ll eat…but my diet gonna have to be SUPER strict cause these costumes are skimp-ay. I mean…what’s the next level up from a Brazilian wax?…cause the FL ladies are gonna need it.

I’m in the airport now waiting to board so I figure I’ll do a quickie post to go over my favourites from my band of choice – Bliss.

I knew what section I was going to be in before the band launched but that doesn’t stop me from oogling some other befeathered (I’m sure that’s not a word…squiggly red line tells me it’s not but I don’t care, it stays) beauties.

First up is MY costume for 2015. Pai. Designed by my boo thang and spirit animal Valmiki Maharaj. From the time I heard Indian Mas I was sold. When I heard royal blue and chartreuse I was like…I’ll have another please. Obsessed with this colour combo, I think it will look FABULOUS on my skin and on the road as a collective. I’m here for that headpiece. Not so much for that bikini bottom though…like I love it but it hates me. Val clearly doesn’t want me to be great. Oh well…have to go HARD in the gym and in the kitchen for the next few months. Thank God these bands launch well before Carnival yes…ample time to get in tip top shape.


Next up is a faboosh costume by a woman I admire so much for her ability to turn out unique, sexy and forever feminine costumes year after year. I mean she never has a bad year…not once since she debuted with Caged Canary many moons ago. Solange Govia née Shaw-Gopaul is a design genius. This year she’s put out 4 fabulous costumes…2 in Bliss and 2 in Tribe and they’re all to die for. This shade of yellow wouldn’t really work on my skin tone but I imagine this costume is going to be totally majestic on the roads of POS for 2015. Ara


And last but not least is a costume by a designer I admittedly don’t know that well. Ruana Booker has been designing for Bliss for a few years now but to be honest…none of her costumes ever really wowed me. This year though…uhh…wow. Aether is amazing…that headpiece…that bra…that neck/shoulder/chest piece is so simple but so effective. Honestly my heart dropped a little when I saw this and loved it because I told myself my greatest fear was to see a costume I loved as much as Val’s. This comes pretty darned close…


However! I’m still Team Pai for 2015. I’ve always wanted to play Indian Mas and since I missed out with Tribe this year I’m all too ecstatic to get a chance next year with Bliss. Better yet to be with a designer I love and admire as much as Val. I know his customer service will be over the top and he’ll do everything to ensure his masqueraders have an epic experience from registration to Carnival Tuesday. Team Pai…squad up.

Costumes are available to view now on
Bliss’s Website

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