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Hey guys! Happy New Year!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of going to breakfast with one of my best friends Leah.

She lives in Palmiste so we opted to hit up the dessert café Crust2Crumb, which located on Dumfries Road…about a 2 minute drive from her home.

As far as first impressions go, Crust2Crumb makes a good one. The interior is warm and well lit, and was decorated for the season – stacks of gift boxes, a Christmas tree, lots of Holiday paraphernalia all around. Leah told me they do themed decor for Halloween as well, so I presume it’s a ‘thing’ they do, which is great.


There is ample parking both in front and around the cafe, though it did get quite packed by the time we were leaving.

The menu is simple but effective…exactly what you’d expect of breakfast offerings in a café.


I opted for a caramel latte and the eggs benedict. Leah had a hazelnut latte and french toast and scrambled eggs on the side.

The coffee was great. My only complaint about the food was that one of my eggs was more soft boiled than runny (I had requested them runny), but the other was exquisitely runny. I also snuck a bite of Leah’s french toast and that was quite good too, though they do the french toast (as you can see in the photo above) as a grilled flatbread almost. I personally prefer the softer, traditional style of french toast.

Service was excellent and the prices were, in my opinion, quite reasonable. I would definitely go back again, perhaps to try lunch. There’s a fish and chips option on the menu that’s piqued my interest and Leah vouches wholeheartedly for the salads there.

They also do pastries and cakes but I didn’t get an opportunity to sample any….Carnival is, after all, right around the corner.

Crust2Crumb gets a solid 8/10 from me as a breakfast spot in the Southland.

You can check out their website ::here::

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  1. Totally off the blog topic… Loved your article in MACO People; How do you make it through multiple writing projects, a blog AND a 9-to-5, all while getting in this glorious thing called sleep?

    • Oh thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed the MACO piece, I was pretty nervous about it. And I actually am looking for MORE writing projects cause I don’t feel like I’m getting enough range with my writing, and of course this blog has to get a lot more consistent. But thanks a lot, it’s definitely big motivation when I get feedback like this 🙂

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