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My Top Monday Wear Picks

Monday weaaaarrrrrrr. Love it, hate it, doh care about it…Monday wear is here to stay! And I’m pretty neutral on the topic, I think everyone has the right to spend their hard earned money how they choose, and if that choice involves dropping a cool $10K on a costume, then another $1200 on top of that for Monday wear then do you boo!

Monday wear designers have been revealing their designs since last year August, when Monday Rocks The Runway let the bumcees loose at O2 Park.

Armchair critics had a time, complaining about who was wearing too little, who was wearing too much, who bottom was outside, who breast was in dey face. Yeah…because skin at Carnival is somehow STILL taboo.

All that noise aside, I’ve been in observation mode since then and I feel like I’ve narrowed down some of my favourites from the offerings this year. My own Monday wear is on lock thanks to my spirit animal Valmiki Maharaj, who also designed my costume, Pai in Bliss, but I’ve got a wandering eye. No harm in looking right?

Keisha Als

Hands down one of my favourites from her Bling collection. This is one of the more recent designs that she’s done for her collaboration with cANYAval, and you can colour me impressed. First up, a nude bodysuit is ALWAYS a good idea…and the crochet overlay on the nude metallic adds much-needed texture to the monochromatic look. Throw on some sparkle and you’re good to go. Understated fabulousness for Carnival Monday and beyond. Bling looks have begun selling out by the way, so click the link in the caption to go to the store.


Rebel Swimwear for Vice/Tribe

I’m not playing in Vice but for this Monday wear I just might have to sneak my name on the list. You know Vice right? That’s the costume that…well…a little vicey. The one that had personal trainers struggling to come up with exercises specifically for the pubic region and girls all over Trinidad bawling they need a ‘box diet’. Yeah, the Monday wear is no more forgiving. I love Rebel on the whole, cause Sian owns the bad bitch formula and shares it willingly with what she calls her ‘Rebel army’. Lots of combinations available which makes it even more special and I LOVE the colours and print. Can’t wait to see this on the road.


Marie Collette

I appreciated this piece from the time I saw it at Monday Rocks the Runway. Digging the tribal elements juxtaposed with that graphic print. The extreme high cut is offset nicely by the string waist band…so you out there…but you not OUT there I guess. That waist band come like Atlas…the world rests on its shoulders. The little cutaway on the bust is also quite cheeky…but if you can make it work, do so post-haste!


Rhion Romany

Can you talk about Monday wear and not mention this name? Rhion Romany has BEEN killing it in the bodywear game for a while now but he has some simple but very effective options for the gliteratti come Carnival Monday. I’m digging the Diana and Julia bodysuit options for Monday mas, and they come in a variety of custom prints that are hand picked by the man himself. This high cut business that happening with Diana gonna be causing real problems on the road for Carnival, I done see. But nobody minds because it’s fierce as all hell.

Diana (left) and Julia (right)

Let me know who you’re wearing on the road for Carnival Monday, or if you’re opting for some DIY action…maybe even a lil Micles kit (ain’t nothing wrong with that by the way).


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