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Sale Alert & Mini Haul

Living in the United Kingdom for three years meant I inevitably acquired a taste for British high street labels: TopShop, Miss Selfridge, River Island, Dorothy Perkins and so on (granted it all had to be on sale or with student discount – I was/am poor dammit!)

I was glad to discover that London Clothing Company, true to its namesake, was actually bringing in quite a few items from said British labels.

They have fantastic sales. I know the cost of some of the articles of clothing they have in store so when I can get certain outfits for a quarter of the price they’re still being sold for abroad…well I consider that a win.

Their sale is on now at the Movietowne and West Mall branches (possibly at others but I haven’t seen so I can’t say for sure).

I visited the Movietowne branch after Zumba last evening and picked up two items: a zebra print shift dress from Dorothy Perkins and a black and cream cardigan, each at $100.00. Not too shabby London Clothing Company, not too shabby.

Dorothy Perkins Shift Dress


Cardigan (Can’t remember the label)

There concludes my post. Go check out LCC you crazy kids, and see if there might be anything you fancy (ha! I’m so British)

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