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2012 in Review…kind of

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I wanted to do this blog before the first week of the new year was up because, let’s face it, after that 2012 becomes terribly passé.

2012 was a bumpy year. Well it started that way anyway and then took a considerable turn for the better in the latter half. For that, I remain eternally grateful to the powers that be (cosmic and mortal alike).

I discovered a lot of new things in 2012, about others and myself. I got rid of a lot of baggage, and put on some new hats, flipped some shit around, dropped on the ground and rolled, etc. You catch my drift.

Anyway, gonna ‘synopsisise’ it, starting with some heavy personal ish and wandering into the superficial, as I tend to do.

Biggest Personal Achievement for 2012:

Switching jobs. By nature, I’m not a risk-taker. I don’t like this whole ‘unknown’ business. It’s scary and I prefer to be in control of everything, including what scares me. But I got to the point in my life where I knew I had to jump into the abyss and hope I found ground beneath me. Leaving my old job (a few of you will know what that was) and coming into my new one (a job in advertising, basically) has been, by far, one of the most tremendous amendments I’ve ever been responsible for in my own life. So yes, I’m very proud of myself for making a positive change that I desperately needed, for ceasing to complain and actually doing something about my situation and most of all, for jumping into an unknown that I can only say has turned out for the best.

Proudest Moment of 2012

Being a part of Style Spirit 2012 and seeing it receive the positive reviews it has. I love this thing called ‘local fashion’ and while it is a cross at times, especially in this country, it feels good to have contributed to something as significant as Style Spirit. I was of course, most proud of the success of the Accessories Trunk Show, which I managed on behalf of the Style Spirit team. It’s not a secret that I’m a local accessories junkie so, naturally, having the ability to play a vital role in what was essentially my first local accessories market was a really amazing feeling. Thanks again to all who came out to support and I hope 2013 brings more opportunities to coordinate and manage markets like these.

Look out for Style Spirit 2013: May 31st – June 2nd

Most Important Lesson of 2012

“If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.” I think I’ve been living by these words for the past few months. Harkening back to my fear of the unknown and my aversion to risk and all that, it’s always been natural for me to keep doing the same safe routine and hoping things will change through divine intervention. This year I learned first hand that change only comes about when you enact it and bring it into being. You have to push against the door for it to open.


Personal Style Muse of 2012

I have many but if I am totally honest I’d have to say Anya Ayoung Chee. My style has, as it tends to, taken on many personas over the year and I’ve developed a much more holistic point of view on style. Please don’t ask me what it is since I don’t know yet how to articulate it in words. Anya embodies, in my opinion, a very worldly sense of style. She’s unafraid to mix print, texture, embellishments, etc. She is bold in her accessory choices. She can float between aesthetics easily and isn’t pinned down to any one in particular. I’ll be the first to admit I swagger jack Anya. Very hard. Or I try to anyway.

Favourite Style Blogger of 2012

Aimee Song

Favourite Acquisition of 2012

My Chejo necklace. Hands down. Purchased for me by my amazing Boy, after much antics and trickery. I love this necklace and I want more from Chejo in the future.

2012-12-07 18.23.10

Favourite Trend of 2012

Turbans/headwraps and obnoxiously large (and sometimes tacky) jewellery.


Favourite Foreign Brand (Jewellery) Discovery of 2012

Melody Ehsani

Favourite Foreign Brand (Clothing) Discovery of 2012

Lush Clothing

Favourite Local Designer (Jewellery) Discovery of 2012

Koko Karibi Designs

Favourite Local Designer (Clothing) Discovery of 2012

J. Angelique Designs


Favourite Local Designer (Swimwear) Discovery of 2012


Favourite Beauty Discovery of 2012

I don’t hate lipstick after all.

Favourite Social Media of 2012


Favourite App of 2012

Instagram (side note: Least favourite: Facebook, for removing the embedded Instagram functionality for Twitter. Boo!)

Favourite Movie of 2012

I’m still torn between Looper and Argo. I found Looper to be really well done and entertaining (and well JGL is a babe and superb actor). Argo kept me on the edge of my seat, and also exposed me to a story I didn’t know in detail prior to the film. I like non-fiction entertainment. I’d recommend them both to be honest.

Favourite TV Show of 2012

New Girl. I started Game of Thrones in 2011 otherwise I’d have said that, but New Girl has really been a breath of fresh air on the television this year.

Favourite Song of 2012

I hate music.

No, but really. Anything by Lana del Rey.

And so concludes this frivolous recap of 2012. Here’s hoping 2013 is even bigger and better 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!

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