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A Local Haul

Hello lovelies! As per usual, I’ve been slacking, but it’s not for lack of wanting to post. Work has been super hectic and spare moments to even think about a blog post, far less construct one, have been rare.

This will be a combination of a haul and a ‘What I Got For Christmas’ type post since I was fortunate enough to receive a few local goodies from the Boy for Christmas 🙂
These items I got from the 3 Day Christmas Shopping Extravaganza hosted by the team at the Monthly Arts Market. Jackie of Koko Karibi Designs was sweet enough to gift me with a gorgeous pair of wire and fresh water pearl earrings. I also picked up some cute fabric covered bangles and button earrings from Annikay Designs, a new seller (to me, anyway).

Koko Karibi Earrings - a gift from Jacqueline, the designer
Koko Karibi Earrings – a gift from Jacqueline, the designer
Earrings & Bangles from Annikay Designs
Earrings & Bangles from Annikay Designs

I first encountered these trousers at the Style Spirit Fashion Weekend while I was working backstage. Designer, store-owner and stylist Afiya Bishop created a line of beautiful graphic pants for her debut collection. I immediately fell in love with this pair. Guess the Boy was paying attention because lo and behold, on Christmas Day, these were waiting for me under the tree. She’s currently working on another collection for sale.

My pair :)
My pair 🙂
Gorgeous printed trousers from Loud by Afiya
Gorgeous printed trousers from Loud by Afiya

This one I’ve featured on my blog already, in my 2012 In Review post. I am insanely obsessed with statement jewellery and for longer than I’d like to admit, I’d been lusting after the Native American-esque breastplate that Anya Ayoung Chee frequently wore while on Project Runway.

This necklace ^^
This necklace ^^

Unable to find a way to source the necklace without going straight to Anya herself, I opted to have a similar one commissioned from Afiya Bishop (who also makes jewellery, incase you didn’t know). While I still love that necklace by Afiya, I was thrilled to discover that the designer of Anya’s necklace (whose name had, up to that time, been unknown to me), Kristy Collado, had launched her line – called Chejo – in The Gallery in Long Circular Mall. My friends Mel and Shani had attended the launch and Mel live tweeted photos of the pieces. There was my baby, right in front my eyes.

I visited The Gallery soon after and just spent about 15 minutes staring at the breastplate in question until the owner, Sheena Thorpe, came up to me, to probably see if I was alright, and we got into a little conversation about the jewellery. These pieces aren’t cheap and I’m not rich. I decided, eventually, and through much coercion by the Boy, to put a downpayment on my necklace.

2012-12-07 18.23.10
In all its glory

Once again, come Christmas Day, I’m opening gifts from the Boy and after opening an envelope containing $500 (odd…that was the exact amount I paid down on the Chejo piece, though I didn’t make the connection at the time, so hoodwinked was I) I open a flat rectangular box to reveal:

AHHHHHHH! Chejo necklace!!! Love him!
AHHHHHHH! Chejo necklace!!! Love him!!!

Well played Boy…well played. Apparently the conspirator had allied with Sheena at The Gallery and purchased the necklace for me well in advance of my deciding to do so. Sigh, what can I say? He pays attention 🙂

Christian Boucaud Designs launched her Carnival collection and had a sale at her Havelock Street location to kick off the season. I work just a few streets away from Havelock so I decided to take a walk after lunch one day and check it out. There was a maxi skirt I had been eyeing for a while and I was curious to see if it was available in my size. As my luck tends to pan out…of course it was.

Behold! The skirt!
Behold! The skirt!

And most recently…my good friend Keegan Simon of 1ndividual Aesthetic announced a Carnival Sale (was supposed to a secret…which is entirely why it was announced via social media I’m sure). I’ve been hounding Keegan for WEEKS for a particular piece from his recent collection shown at Style Spirit, but it seems good things only come to those who wait. And so…I wait. In the interim however, I placated my 1ndividual craving with a purchase from his Carnival-centric line – a very cool design done for Bunji Garlin’s ‘We Ready’ single. I don’t often wear tees so I opted for the tank top version. I’m not feeling Carnival much this year but I AM feeling this graphic, and the message can apply to pretty much any Carnival from this year onward, so here’s hoping I get a few good wears out of it.

2013-01-28 21.55.58
We Ready For The Road it seems (and check out the packaging up top)

The sale is still on as far as I know, so check out the 1ndividual Aesthetic Facebook Page and Twitter feed for more info on how to get your own Carnival gear.



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