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I would have done this post entirely on the happenings in May but this Thursday, 25th April, Kraze celebrates their 1 Year Anniversary in fitting fashion: a shopping party! Kraze will be dropping new stock just in time for their Birthday and possibly treating guests to a preview of Rhion Romany‘s next collection: Monroe. Not one to be missed if you were a fan of Rhion’s Style Spirit Debut last year December. I’ve learned the hard way that getting the jump on new collections is sometimes the best (and only) way to get your hands on coveted pieces. Kraze is located at #40 Murray Street and the event kicks off at 5:30pm.


The Outlet Market is scheduled to take place this Saturday (27th April) at the Chinese Association of Trinidad & Tobago, St. Ann’s. I’ve been to the Outlet Market a few times before and I LOVE the food. Slightly different vendors than at other markets and it’s always fun to sample from each (especially the cupcakes and cookies, of which there are many). I’m excited to try Dek’s Curry Crab & Dumpling (cheat meal for the week), as well as check out my friend Johan’s African Ark Jewellery. Johan recently brought in some fantastic bibs and jewellery from Nepal…really stunning statement pieces, so if you’re looking for something along those lines then you shouldn’t miss the Outlet Market.


Also on my radar is Meet Me @ Fanatic. Fanatic Kitchen Studio has been on my list of ‘To-Do’s for a long time now. I love food…who doesn’t? My foodie friend and blogger Q D Ross has often posted photos of the FKS Sessions and everything always looks delicious. So my girlfriend Sandi tagged me in the promo for the Meet Me @Fanatic event, and while I normally balk at the idea of social engagements, I think I’m fully willing to indulge if it means I finally get to experience the FKS. That’s happening on May 4th at Fanatic Kitchen Studio, 6pm to 9pm (that’s 3 hours of unadulterated human interaction, but hopefully with lots of wine and tasty things – yay!). I’m looking forward to this event as a bit of an excuse to finally wear one of the many outfits I buy and hide at the back of my closet for months. Always looking for an excuse to dress up.


UpMarket is also happening on May 4th. This monthly market has become massively popular over the last few months and I feel like every time I attend there’s a new crop of designers/artisans/chefs to patronise. I’m particularly excited about this market because my favourite jewellery label, Koko Karibi will be selling here for the first time in a long time. It will be held, as per usual in the Woodbrook Youth Facility from 9:30am to 3:00pm. I’d advise going before lunch if your plan is to get your hands on any of the more popular food vendors.


Special mention goes to the Boy’s event which is starting in May: Taco Tuesdays. With the demise of the Avenue and it’s most popular watering holes, I know everyone is looking for somewhere to lime after work. Starting on May 14th, Dungeon will be serving up Taco (shout out to Maco Tacos), Margarita & Tequila (yuck!) specials all night on Tuesdays. Come through and take a lime.


According to the Tobago Fashion Weekend Facebook Page, Fashion Season officially begins in the month of May and they are demonstrating thusly, by hosting Tobago Fashion Weekend from the 17th – 19th of May. They’ve been dropping designer names on their page for a few days now and based on what I’m seeing, a trip to the sister isle is more than in order. Unfortunately I’ll probably only be going for one night (aiming to fly in and out on the night of the show, rather than over-nighting) so I anxiously await the nightly schedules so I can determine which date I’ll be trekking to Tobago. I’m most interested in seeing the lovely Chandra Maharaj (she showed at Style Spirit and got no end of praises for her fun, colourful and sexy swimwear) and my long time favourites Zadd & Eastman, who debuted a show stopping white gown with statement neckline at the TFW launch earlier this month (was supposed to attend but I was sick, weh). There are many more designers carded to show at TFW however, so head on over to the Facebook page and check that out, as well as some of the other initiatives the TFW team have been up to in Tobago.


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