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Pencil This In // Pop-Up Thrift

One of my absolute favourite fashion bloggers is Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller. She’s not only stylish and loaded with covetable designer treasures, she’s also a brilliant writer and super witty/funny.

Anyway, Leandra put up a post today about ‘Closet Cleaning’ and since I normally jump at organisational tips, OR the opportunity to peek at other people’s dirty laundry (because I wasn’t sure exactly which she was referring to) naturally I clicked.

You can read the entire blog entry here (spoiler alert: no one’s airing any dirty laundry) but in short, Ms. Medine is basically sharing her tried and true means of giving her wardrobe the once over and making room for what I can only assume is more fabulous clothing.

My own personal ethos on cleaning out my closet is this: if you’re not IN LOVE with it, and you haven’t worn it in 6 months…it’s time for it to go. Because we’re not as trend-conscious here in Trinidad & Tobago, it really is possible for someone to proudly sport the same trouser or same shoes for years on this twin Republic without anyone noticing, or caring. We also don’t operate ‘by season’ so what was ‘in’ last dry season will probably carry you well into rainy season and beyond.

I was also really excited to discover via this article that Leandra re-sells some of her pieces on a website called Copious. Uhhhhhh, I hope I wear her shoe size because her shoe game is actually crazy.

That’s relevant, why? Because there’s an event coming up this weekend (Saturday 25th, to be exact) where I’ll actually be re-selling a ton of MY garments and shoes – items that I’ve either never worn or worn a few times before I fell out of love with them. It was a really funny experience, rifling through my closets and picking up garments like ‘What was I THINKING buying this?!’ Haha. Oopsies. But you never know…someone else might love it…like really love it.

popupthrift6Pop-Up Thrift is happening on Saturday at Studio W (my gym, yay!) from 10am to 6pm and will feature items from a variety of sellers, some notable stylistas included.

I’ve been through the appraisal process that the sellers are being put through and it’s rigorous. Mel and Ris Anne are being total sticklers in ensuring that garments are in good condition as well as reasonably priced, so there’s no need to worry on that front. Word is a few local designers will also be selling some of their sample-sized garments from previous collections as well.

So yeah…there’s no reason not to pass through on Saturday, check out the clothes, take in the vibes and maybe find something you can really treasure and get good use out of at an affordable price. See you then!

Sneak peek at some of the items I'm selling
Sneak peek at some of the items I’m selling

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