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Pop Dem Tags // The Aftermath

Turns out you broads like thrifting! Who woulda thunk it? I certainly didn’t. And I don’t think anyone was really expecting the massive hurricane that was Pop-Up Thrift last Saturday.

We were scheduled to open at 10am but there was a group of very enthusiastic soon-to-be-thrifters waiting outside the doors from as early as 9am. Well done ladies, that’s the spirit. And it really does pay to be early birds in this type of scenario because you get first pick of all the great goods lined up (AND you find stuff in your size). I felt it for the girls who came in after 1pm because the morning crowd near cleaned things up.

What really surprised me is that no one really seemed bothered by the prospect of purchasing pre-loved clothing/shoes/accessories. I don’t recall anyone asking whether something was new or used…if the price was right (and it always was) they grabbed it up, tried it on, and cashed. By lunch time there were folks hanging around, following people around the room to see if they’d put down some item they’d been coveting from afar.

So many people asked when the next one is that Mel has already set a date for Pop-Up Thrift: Fashion Scoop – July 27th. Put it in your calendars ladies (and gents, since we’re determined to have a male rack this time around). We’re hoping for even MORE sellers next time, especially so we can get a wider range of sizes and of course, a selection for the gentlemen. A few more designers should be jumping on board too, offering discounted prices on some of their sample sized garments.

If you’re interested in being a seller for the next Pop-Up Thrift, go to the Facebook page, like it and sign up via the Seller Sign-Up Tab (up top next to Likes).

We shall be in touch.

Also, check out the article I wrote for Metro Magazine before Pop-Up Thrift. I had a chance to speak with Nji Israel of the consignment shop Spend Easy, and she was super insightful on the thrifting culture in Trinidad & Tobago. Turns out she was right after all…we have it in us.

To the photos! (all appropriated from the Pop-Up Thrift Facebook Page)

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  1. I would love it if thrift shopping picks up in Trinidad. Great event…July 27 is already booked!

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