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Wishlist // J. Angelique’s Venom Collection

Hello denizens of the interwebs! I’m currently re-calibrating after my short but super sweet trip to NYC – a trip that took me away from the launch of J. Angelique’s two newest collections (that you’ve heard me babbling about for the last few weeks). J. Angelique debuted  Venom Summer & Travel Collection and Jin Forde Business Wear on June 1st to an audience of style junkies, local fashion lovers, media and specially invited guests. One particular fashion junkie (myself) was absent but that doesn’t mean I can’t finally give you a run down on my personal favourites from either collection. For today I’ll just do the Venom collection in the interest of time, and because I know reading is a thing of days long gone.

Venom Summer & Travel Collection

Mamba Jumpsuit – Obsessed. If I were inclined to show ANY part of my midriff I’d already have my order in and paid for. Maybe after a few more months of gym I can ask Jin to resurrect this one for me, but until then I’ll admire from afar (or up close). Love a jumpsuit, and more so a wide legged jumpsuit.

Krait Blazer & Cropped Pant – When I first saw this ensemble I was lovestruck. I love a gorgeous blazer (much like anyone with eyes…or taste) and the tiny part of me that actually WANTS to wear a ‘suit’ to work immediately was like ‘gimme gimme’. I feel like this outfit straddles the line between travel and business wear and as Rian (the other half of J. Angelique) pointed out, it could very well be appropriate for a work trip or something like that. Alternatively, you can wear the blazer and pant separately to dress them up or down.

Romper Regalia – Ordered. I live for a romper, or as I like to call it – a onesie. I absolutely LOVE the snakeskin trim around the neckline and cuffs – a powerful but subtle detail. The elasticated waist makes it so much more forgiving so I’d say this is an ideal outfit for a dinner date or anything that might lead to a fluctuating waistline. Can’t wait to get mine 🙂

Python Passion – Also ordered. It’s a very loose fitting jumpsuit with a draped detail at the waistline. Very unusual and not something I’ve really seen before, which is good. I also like how it was styled for the launch, with a belt that could basically eliminate the draping if you so wished. Versatility is always welcome in my wardrobe.

Diva – Greer was pure fire in this daring backless dress. I loved the fact that it was all demure and discreet at the front with a blast of sex appeal when you turned around. I think the fact that J. Angelique gives you fabric options is crucial for dresses like these because you could easily take this design from night-time (with the satin finish) to day-time with a cotton option. I’m actually probably going to end up ordering this in a cotton so I can wear it during the day (yes, I’d wear a backless dress during the day, most norms).

Please remember folks…these are just MY personal favourites. You may very well love other ensembles from the collection. Keep an eye out for my Jin Forde Business Wear picks. In the mean time, find out how you can get your hands on a piece from this limited edition collection by going to J. Angelique’s Facebook Page. The website is being updated but you can check out the rest of this fab collection, pricing and everything on the Facebook page, or you can ask me 🙂

2 responses to “Wishlist // J. Angelique’s Venom Collection”

  1. You have great taste! My two personal faves are the Romper Regalia and Diva. I’m also leaning towards the cropped pant if it can be sold separately from the Krait Blazer. Waiting to read ur picks from the Jin Forde Business wear collection 🙂

  2. I went to the show and these are pretty much what I had my eyes on. The python jumpsuit was to.die.for!
    Also loved the peplum dress in the business collection.

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