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Wishlist // Jin Forde Business Wear

One of my favourite things about working in advertising is the dress code (or lack thereof). It means I can wear basically whatever I want to work and I don’t have to worry about HR raining fire on me. So my work get up usually consists of a button up shirt, a pair of jeans, chinos or printed trousers and a pair of flats. I keep a pair of heels and a blazer on stand-by in case of any impromptu client meetings that catch me unawares, but generally, I wear the same thing to work that I wear on a weekend.

I realise however that not everyone is so fortunate. So how do you maintain some level of personal style when you’re drowning in a sea of Tetrex suits and poly-blends? Well, for starters, you can dip into the Jin Forde Business Wear Collection, debuted 2 weeks ago by J. Angelique.

While I personally don’t have a good enough reason to purchase anything from this collection for myself, a girl can dream, and a girl can wish. Find below my personal favourites from the Jin Forde Business Wear Collection.

Printed Peplum Jacket & Front Slit Skirt – I mean…who doesn’t love a peplum? Haters, that’s who. Peplum has been around for a minute, and it doesn’t show any indication of going away any time soon, for obvious reasons. The main obvious reason being that it’s a pretty flattering detail that cinches the waist and accentuates the hips, giving you that hourglass figure (mock or otherwise) that most women are after. Also, the jacket is a print and I’m a print-whore, so there’s that.

Asymmetrical Peplum Dress – Same applies re: the peplum but now this dress is my favourite colour in the whole wide world. It was actually the first I saw of the Jin Forde Business Wear Collection and the impression has been a lasting one. This dress comes in a variety of colours but I’d leave it just the way it is. I also really love the unexpected details at the neckline and the waist.

Black Perfection – Because DUH

Classic Dress – Love the mix and match appeal of this dress. On the website you actually have a wide array of options for the bodice colour and the skirt print, meaning that you can have a few iterations of this dress in your wardrobe. I’m the kind of person who, once I like something, I buy it in every colour possible…so this would cause me some financial problems. I like the ruching (wait, someone help…is that ruching? I dunno!) at the neckline too.

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