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Haul // Total Local Saturday

Well today has been super long (and it’s not even 4pm yet). Woke up at 5:30 to go get my workout in at the Arbanya Bootcamp which is run by ChauFIT in conjunction with my gym Studio W. I’m not much for dirt and grass but since I started this bootcamp – which is in the Savannah – I’ve been pretty proud of my ability to get dirty without having an anxiety attack. Today I finally did circuits including tyre flips, sledgehammer swings and battle ropes. I’ve been eager to try that kind of training out since I started the Arbanya Bootcamp (which runs on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, btw and is $50 a session) and I was not disappointed; it’s a great workout – challenging but entirely doable with the right technique (and proper breathing – something I forget quite often).

Anyway. Once I got back to the Boy’s home it was around 8:30, so I had time to wash my hair, change and grab some food before heading out to UpMarket. There, I got a few goodies, all food because that’s what I went for. I tried Del Mano pesto for the first time (I know, I know…revoke my passport) and it was fab, so I grabbed two bottles – one Basil Pesto and one Chadon Beni Pesto, which came highly recommended by the doll over at Introvertly Bubbly. Can’t wait to try the Chadon Beni with some smoked gouda and wholegrain crix (maybe some avocado…mmmm).

Also picked up some carrot cake from The Fat Factory, macarons from the lovely Cathy at French Macarons (she’s going on a 2 month hiatus, by the way, so today would have been the last chance to grab some macarons for a bit) and an amazing smelling handmade Mango Chutney soap from RODCO. I’m a sucker for handmade soaps, even though I don’t purchase them as often as I’d like.

After UpMarket we had some time to kill so I went to check out this new store NixPixx that’s opened in Christina Court. They carry indieSwim and Chandra Maharaj swimwear and I’ve been wanting a new suit (for absolutely no particular reason) so I decided to check them out. Unfortunately they didn’t have my sizes in the indieSwim or Chandra Maharaj suits I was interested in, so I had to leave them behind. I then decided to check out Bikini Cabana, who also carry indieSwim to see if by some chance they had my size. Well..they didn’t. Not in the specific suit I went for…but they did have my size in another from the latest Changing Tides collection – the Hanalei bottom & Tobago top in Pink Seafan and Purple Rain. Quite impulsively…I purchased it. Now these suits aren’t cheap by any stretch…but I took some degree of consolation in the fact that they’re reversible, so it’s kindaaaa like two suits in one! Lol…yeah I’m still working on convincing myself too. It’s a very pretty swimsuit though, and not something I’d be naturally inclined to buy, so I’m happy with it.

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  1. I was looking for that same Tobago…indie swim bikini and faced the same issues…i love that style…oh and down to your selection of crix…it’s the same one I love…

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