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Carnival 2014 // My Bliss Picks

Hey folks. So I attended the Bliss/Tribe launch last night and came away with a few favourites. I’m not going to do a full review of each section because I honestly wasn’t paying close enough attention (who knows…maybe after I see them in the camp) but I did have a few that I liked off the bat.

I’m probably playing with Bliss next year for a few reasons, including the fact that Tribe has honestly just gotten too big for my liking and I’m the kind of person for whom personal space is a big issue. My favourite costume from the entire Bliss/Tribe presentation was in Tribe, but I’m not sure I’m willing to sacrifice comfort for costume. I know people may feel the opposite and the costume is their ultimate determining factor…but even the most beautiful costume won’t compensate for my being frustrated or upset on the two days (cause I tend to get like that, whoops).

Anyhoo. Without further ado.

Birds Of A Feather by Solange Shaw Gopaul

Birds Of A Feather Tribute by Solange Shaw Gopaul aka costume guru. Uhhh…this caught my eye from the teaser. I passed up on my Daggertail costume last year so I think I automatically gravitated towards this similar colour combination. I love the detail in the woven beaded overlay on the bodywear. Also like the fact that it’s not a belt…but a decorated bottom piece…is that weird? I know people complain a lot about the diminishing belts on carnival costumes. Ah well. Not sure if I’ll go all out with the backpack, a large HP may suffice, but it all comes down to $$$. I’m really not feeling the backline though…it seems drastically under-decorated compared to its intricate Frontline version.

What Lies Beneath by Valmiki Maharaj

Beautiful blue costume by my gyol Valmiki Maharaj. I missed out on playing in What Lies Beneath in 2006 because I didn’t have my own credit card back then and the band sold out in like…12 hours online (never did a mas camp registration til last year). I preferred the bodysuit shown at the launch to the one in this image (at the end of the slideshow) but I’ll have to wait til the camp opens to see whether it’s just several options that masqueraders have.

Edit: Was informed that the monokini in the first official image is the BL bodywear which is one of the options for FL. The one shown at launch is also an option but will be a custom fit option, meaning it will be a limited edition. 

My only dislike is the iridescent blue fabric used for the ‘wings’ (I dunno…are those wings down there at the bottom?) but I do appreciate that it fits into the overall theme.

Take Me To by Solange Shaw Gopaul

Butterflies, Beasts & Bacchanal by Solange Shaw Gopaul

Butterfly, Beasts & Bacchanal and Take Me To reboots, both by Solange once again. I tell you, she’s a wizard. Now I’m not really one for pink, so it’s unlikely I’ll end up in either of these sections, but good God are they PRETTY. I imagine these are going to look fabulous on the road. On the flip side, I love the Isis wings on the Take Me To costume. This Take Me To backline option is probably one of my favourite backline options.

I found it really interesting how many of these sections sported 1) monokini/bodywear as the frontline option (though I’m sure some will come with a two-piece option in the increasingly build-your-own-costume style Tribe has adopted recently) 2) featured blue as the primary colour 3) featured red/pink as the primary colour. Trinidad Carnival Diary touched on that in her own Bliss Review and that’s when it struck me why I wasn’t totally blown away by the holistic presentation. Not enough of a colour range. I would have loved a white costume. Two of the costumes I liked in Tribe (one of which I loved – Hawkeye I’m looking at you) were white, so tis the season, apparently.

All in all I think I’ll be happy with my costume next year, and happy with the experience as well, given Bliss’s more intimate setting. I don’t play in any band primarily for ‘vibes’ so fingers crossed that the allegations of Bliss’s lack of said vibes will prove inconsequential, or incorrect.

So that’s it for me. Hopefully you all saw something you loved from either presentation. Keep ya committee buddies close folks…registration will be starting before you can say ‘Tribe Ten’

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