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  • Introducing // The Decorative Pillow Collection by Toni Crockett Design

    Introducing // The Decorative Pillow Collection by Toni Crockett Design

    I don’t think there’s a single woman in the world who wouldn’t want her home to be as fabulously outfitted as she is. We’re blessed in Trinidad to have a wealth of interior décor stores and interior designers to bring our homes up to the standard we hold for our own personal style. One such…

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  • Color Revolution SXM (Part Un)

    Color Revolution SXM (Part Un)

    So what exactly do you do when your editor calls you and asks you if you can go to St. Maarten to cover one of the most talked about fashion events for the year? There is no choice. You say yes. You plug in for a vacation day, make sure your passport has some months left,…

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  • Lush Kingdom

    Lush Kingdom

    I was first introduced to James Hackett through my boyfriend – a fan of his artwork. So when I heard that James Hackett was entering the ‘world’ of fashion I was intrigued, to say the least. I knew him primarily as a digital artist, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I, of course,…

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  • Out & About // All Italian

    Out & About // All Italian

    So….about this Carnival diet I’m supposed to be on. Actually…more than a Carnival diet, this whole healthy eating thing that I claimed to have adopted asa lifestyle choice a few months ago. Where is it Ceola? It’s gone. Gone…because I keep getting invited to the most amazing foodie events, like last night’s trip to All…

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  • Discovery // Zabouca Breads

    Discovery // Zabouca Breads

    I’ve always worked within walking distance of Zabouca Breads – a quaint little bakery tucked away next to a similarly curious piano repair shop, just across from the NP Gas Station on the corner of Tragerete and Maraval Road. It’s easy to miss, but once you’ve peeked inside I guarantee it’s much more difficult to…

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  • Carnival 2014 // My Tribe Picks

    Carnival 2014 // My Tribe Picks

    Now as I said in My Bliss Picks post, I probably am not playing in Tribe next year…but alas, I do have eyes…and an opinion. And like any opinionated woman, I feel the need to share those opinions with anyone who cares to listen. Since you’re here reading these words, I’m going to assume you…

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  • Carnival 2014 // My Bliss Picks

    Carnival 2014 // My Bliss Picks

    Hey folks. So I attended the Bliss/Tribe launch last night and came away with a few favourites. I’m not going to do a full review of each section because I honestly wasn’t paying close enough attention (who knows…maybe after I see them in the camp) but I did have a few that I liked off…

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