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Discovery // Zabouca Breads

I’ve always worked within walking distance of Zabouca Breads – a quaint little bakery tucked away next to a similarly curious piano repair shop, just across from the NP Gas Station on the corner of Tragerete and Maraval Road.

It’s easy to miss, but once you’ve peeked inside I guarantee it’s much more difficult to forget. The first thing that hits you…oddly enough is the smell of the wood. The small shop is outfitted with untreated appamat wood. Next of course, is the bread. I always try to go as soon as they open on a Thursday morning so I can bask in the smell of freshly baked bread. Yeah…I’m weird. Whatever.

::Source:: Clockwise from top left: Mango Butter, Mini Cornbread, Beet Pate, Multigrain Roll, Green Olive Roll, Buckwheat Apple Walnut Roll

When I first started working out I thought bread would have to be banned from my diet altogether. Sure I can eat whole wheat…but how whole is the commercial whole wheat anyway? What can I say…I’m a cynic. Zabouca Breads offers a wide range of organic, wholewheat, buckwheat, spelt and cornflour breads. Even when he uses white flour (which is very, very rarely) it’s organic…so still not as big a sin.

The selection is amazing. There is a real artisanal quality to the loaves as well…every one reminds me of a work of art.


Today I went for the Buckwheat Cranberry Pecan and Blueberry Cornmeal scones. They were totally worth getting caught in the rain for (because that happened).


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  1. I tried them out some weeks back… The scones are to die for especially the coconut ginger👌… We also picked up a couple of their breads to try..I’ll pass on those. Cornmeal-overload.

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