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Introducing // The Decorative Pillow Collection by Toni Crockett Design

I don’t think there’s a single woman in the world who wouldn’t want her home to be as fabulously outfitted as she is. We’re blessed in Trinidad to have a wealth of interior décor stores and interior designers to bring our homes up to the standard we hold for our own personal style. One such fabulous interior designer, Toni SuratSingh of Toni Crockett Design has introduced a beautiful, locally conceptualised and produced line of decorative pillows, inspired by motifs that are so integral to our Caribbean living. With themes like Amerindian, Bamboo, Coral and Cocoa, her line invokes a sense of subtle patriotism as we are given a tangible avenue to appreciate all the little things about this island life that make it so special and unique to us. As a bonus, these beautiful pillows are hand painted by Lisa Sarjeant-Gonzales of Lisa’s Fabrics…giving you an extra helping of specialness for your home.

Amerindian is my favourite…for what I hope would be an obvious reason! 😀

From Toni’s Facebook Page:

The Toni Crockett Design Decorative Pillow Collection is produced in small editions and proudly made in Trinidad. We take an artistic approach to home décor; by creating a collection that represents local talent and prints that are heavily influenced by Caribbean beauty.
Inspired by nature and local history our premier prints are Amerindian, Bamboo, Cocoa and Coral. Each organically expressed and personally interpreted to create our decorative pillow collection. We consider each pillow to be a work of art; handmade from natural materials of raw silk and burlap to create a striking balance of structure and imperfection. Hand painting can be somewhat unpredictable, but we embrace these subtle colour variations as part of the production process. By welcoming these variations, each pillow is unique; no two are alike. The Toni Crockett Design Collection is always evolving but stays true to our design approach of attainable home décor that is uniquely Caribbean.

We hope you enjoy your one of a kind piece!


Loved Lisa's abstract interpretation of Bamboo.
Loved Lisa’s abstract interpretation of Bamboo.
Who doesn't love cocoa?
Who doesn’t love cocoa?
Introducing AMERINDIAN, inspired and reminiscent of the primitive petroglyphs of the first people of Trinidad and Tobago. Embracing the simplicity of basic shapes and lines, our Amerindian print expresses national pride of our Amerindian Ancestry.


All photos sourced from the Toni Crockett Design Facebook Page. Click to see more.

Design and Concept by Toni Crockett Design

Hand Painted by Lisa Sarjeant Gonzales
Sewn by Sew Chic Interiors
Photo Credit: Rene Ortiz Photography
Photo shoot location: Private Residence

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